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Cum să fie protejată compania de concurență neloială?

Compania noastră a folosit resurse proprii (creativitate, intelectul, resurse financiare) pentru a crea un material publicital autentic, original. Conţinutul textului materialului reprezintă în sine o creaţie intelectuală proprie. Aici vă atrag atenția: cuvinte "creativitate" și "creație" provin de la cuvîntul "a crea", și nu - "a copia". "A copia" - e aceea ce a făcut un concurent din același domeniu…

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Understanding Statutory Capital and Share Allocations on SRLs

Hey gang, when I first opened my SRL 2 years ago my partners and I had a horrible time understanding exactly how these entities are structured. The main issue was that we discovered that shareholder management in Moldova is much more confusing than in the US because of the concept of Statutory Capital (initial investment capital) and a number of…

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Areas of Work on Extras when registering an SRL

So just a heads up here on something I recently experienced. When we registered our SRL about 3 years ago we had to add onto our areas of work. Since we are a restaurant we put on "food service," "alcohol service" and that was about it. In the US (where I’m from and where our parent company is) a company is basically…

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Creating a Stamp for a Foreign Company

So anyone who does business in Moldova knows the all-powerful nature of the "Stampila" (company stamp). Before coming to Moldova I for one had no idea such a mundane item could wield such power and might but here we are. Pretty much nothing can get done in Moldova without the right stamp. When I first set up a company here…

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