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Profile photo of David SmithDavid Smith FSEA asked 3 years ago

So just a heads up here on something I recently experienced. When we registered our SRL about 3 years ago we had to add onto our areas of work. Since we are a restaurant we put on “food service,” “alcohol service” and that was about it. In the US (where I’m from and where our parent company is) a company is basically formed for “any legal purpose” and then you have to get licensing as required by law. Since here you need to update your extras AND get licensed AND you can’t add more than 4 things at a time my accountant told me we were about to have trouble as we needed to start billing for some consulting service hours. 

Good News 🙂

They just made a reform and removed the whole affair from the Extras – you no longer have to specify any work areas there. Basically, like elsewhere you can just register a company “agonistically” and then get whatever licenses and certifications you need to actually operate. 
A little less time wasted in Moldova!

Thought maybe people would like to know…