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So anyone who does business in Moldova knows the all-powerful nature of the “Stampila” (company stamp). Before coming to Moldova I for one had no idea such a mundane item could wield such power and might but here we are. Pretty much nothing can get done in Moldova without the right stamp. When I first set up a company here this was all rather new to me and since my company was registered in Virginia and I didn’t have any stamp for my US based LLC I had a lot of problems. It was not at all uncommon for me to have to explain at great length to people that American Companies don’t have stamps and that yes, in fact I was allowed to speak / sign documents for my firm. Even with all the arts of persuasion I had this was troublesome and I was rarely believed and frequently hassled. 
This when I had an idea. Let’s make a stamp!!
The idea was basically to order a corporate embosser that looks super official and allays the Moldovan bureaucrat’s fears. These are available online in the US (and the UK I believe) as a bit of a holdover from a bygone era where they were important. We bought ours here.
[embosser] this is what it looks like
I can’t point to any moment in time particularly where this got us out of any problem or something like that. It just kinda eased conversations by putting my US company a bit more on Moldovan terms. It looks really official and people take you more seriously too. Stupid? yes. Useful? I think yes. 
Just thought I’d share – if anyone else has any experiences like this please let me know!