Lexicon-Term Apostille

An Apostille is a international document certification / international notarization established by the Hague Convention on Apostilles in 1961. Each country is free to implement the treaty in their own way but all state that are party to the treaty must accept notarizations from other member countries. When doing business in Moldova on behalf of a foriegn company it is …

Lexicon-Term Cadastru

Cadastru is the department of land registry in Moldova. Ownership of all land must be registered with Cadastru and any lease for more than 3 years.

Lexicon-Term Company Stamp

In Moldova all companies must have a stamp to authorize official documents and contracts. This stamp is created at the moment of the company’s creation and has great powers in binding the company. Additional stamps may be created with limited powers, e.g. Pentru Facturi (for facturas only) so as not to entrust the full power of the company in the …

Lexicon-Term Control

In Moldova a “Control” is used to refer to all forms of audit. From financial audits to snap checks on fire code compliance and more. Visit http://controale.md to understand your rights in these processes

Lexicon-Term Extras

An Extras is a document produced by the Moldovan State Registration Chamber (CIS) confirming certian details about a company. Companies are required to post their Extras in their place of business as the information contained within is public.

Lexicon-Term Factura

A “Factura” is a fiscal invoice in Moldova created by a non-VAT paying company. Facturas are required for all Persona-Juridice to Persona-Juridice transactions.