Where it all began..

In July 2016 David Smith, Vlad Shuleansky, and Adam Lawrence representing FSEA teamed up with Sergiu Nagailic (nikro), Nicoleta Nigai, Rosaura Sánchez and Constantin Marjina to “Hack Corruption.” We were at a hackathon managed by Garage48 and sponsored by the UNDP, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CIVITTA where many teams like us were challenged to come up with ways to apply technology to the problem of corruption in Moldova.

Over 48 hours our new team brought our heads and collective experience together and conceived the idea of Startin.md – a platform for people to break down the often intentional murkiness of bureaucracy in the Moldovan business sector. The mechanism is a grassroots community site focused on sharing information between business people and allowing people to raise a collective voice to common problems.

This idea won 2nd place and with the support of the sponsoring partners we have brought this idea to a practical working beta. We hope that you work in our community and become an active member in supporting our efforts to make Moldova a more transparent place that is friendlier to small business.

Startin.md is a project of FSEA – the Foreign Small Enterprise Alliance.

Foreign Small Enterprise Alliance is a non governmental, membership-based business association. FSEA’s members are small businesses working in the Republic of Moldova. Our members work together as allies through networking, resourcing, advocacy, and other initiatives to encourage and protect the development and growth through sharing common principles.


Is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small businesses and those doing business with small businesses in the Republic of Moldova, so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper. We serve as a “first call” resource and business trade organization with local, regional, national and international reach.

We are a small business community working together toward common goals that will develop a clear and understandable business-legal environment, in order to promote economic growth and investment in the Republic of Moldova.

For more information or to apply to become a member please visit our site here.