Rules and Guidelines

Culture Statement

Startin Moldova is focused on providing clarity and information for SMEs in Moldova. We are not here to punish or shame people but to call out flaws in the system to bring to information for everyone to use and understand the process.

Top Level Rules

All users have a right to be anonymous. No government or business workers names. Our site is not about shaming it’s about clarifying. is committed to providing a community that is language-agnostic. Post and interact in whichever language is most comfortable to you. Political debates and arguments about language will not be tolerated. No trolling, only solutions.

Unwelcome Content

Content is prohibited if it
  • is illegal
  • is pornographic in nature
  • encourages or incites violence
  • threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  • is personal and confidential information
  • impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • is spam
  • it shows how to exploit the system in Moldova (e.g. give bribes and not get caught )
We reserve the right to remove or block posts as we deem necessary to maintain the authentic and useful culture of the website.

Question Guidelines:

  • No “general” questions. Such as - “How to I open a business in Moldova?” - These are tutorial requests
  • Do NOT ask or share how to give a bribe or conduct illegal activities
  • Do NOT call out anyone, they have the right to remain anonymous.
  • You may list the ministry, department or even the office, just no names
  • Ask clear and specific questions.

Comment/Answer Guidelines:

  • Give clear and specific answers.
  • Do NOT call out anyone, they have the right to remain anonymous.
  • NO fighting or arguing.
  • Stay focused, remain on topic of the main question.