Post Choosing a legal form

The process of creation of the own business must begin with the choosing of its organizational-legal form. The potential entrepreneurs should draw attention on aspects regarding different organizational-legal form: advantages and disadvantages, in process of choosing the best business form, must possess sufficient information about what documents should be submitted when is registering a company and about the procedure of registration.
According to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the entrepreneurship can be practiced under the following organizational-legal

a) Individual Enterprise (IE);
b) General Partnership (GP);
c) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP);
d) Joint Stock Company (JSC);
e) Limited Liability Company (LLC);
f) Co-operative (Coop).

More information about the pluses and minuses of each form can be find reading the tutorial with the topic: How to Choose the Right Legal Entity for Your Business In Moldova.
However, LLCs (SRL) are much easier to register and easier to operate. And that is why this form is the most preferable choice for newly registered companies.

There are no restrictions for foreign individuals and companies to register a company in Moldova. The companies can be registered in common with Moldovan co-founders or exclusively by foreign founders.
The State registration authority of businesses in Moldova is Moldovan State Registration Chamber (SRC). SRC registers all business entities incorporated in Moldova. The information about location, work hours and contacts can be accessed visiting the official SRC site:

Person(s) entitled to apply for registration are the founders or duly authorized representative(s) of founders.