Post Registration cost & fees

The fees for registering companies with the SRC are in total amount around 1600 lei (ordinary term of registration), and include the following services performed by SRC: The standard term for registration of the company is 24 hours (2 business days). The applicant may apply for urgent registration procedure. The shorter registration procedure is of 4 hours.

Post Administrator & share capital

The administrator of the future company can be a Moldovan citizen or a foreign national with no previous criminal records. The size of the share capital shall be determined by founders and is fixed in statute, therefore the size of the share capital can be established even in size of 1 lei. The shareholders’ contributions to the share capital of …

Post Required Documents

For founders – individuals: For founders – legal entities:    Bylaws (statute) Usually, the State Registration Chamber provides services regarding preparing standard statutes for newly registered companies. However, the founders of the future company can appeal to a private lawyer or to a law firm in case there have to be introduced in the statute some particular requirements, desires and …

Post Choosing a legal form

Person(s) entitled to apply for registration are the founders or duly authorized representative(s) of founders.

Post General Conclusions

The range of options is very various and only a good knowledge and understanding of these options, correlated with a realistic vision, taking into consideration the market situation and your expectations and possibilities can lead to carrying out an optimal choice, because the ideal organizational-legal form possessing just advantages, does not exist. Therefore, the establishment and the choice of the …