Post Registration cost & fees

The fees for registering companies with the SRC are in total amount around 1600 lei (ordinary term of registration), and include the following services performed by SRC:

– State registration;
– Name verification;
– Incorporation document preparation (editing);
– Certification of signatures by the State Registrar;
– Certification of the statutory documents;
– Publication;
– Extract;
– Notary fees.

The SRC provides options for expedited services in which company registration can be completed within 4 hours (same day). In case of an urgent registration the fees can increase 4 times.
Apart from the registration cost, the applicant shall order a stamp, the cost of which may vary between 200 lei and 450 lei (the stamps have been eliminated according to law, but as of today is steel impossible to operate without using stamps).
The detailed information about registration costs and fees can be accessed visiting the official SRC site:

Registration term

The standard term for registration of the company is 24 hours (2 business days). The applicant may apply for urgent registration procedure. The shorter registration procedure is of 4 hours.